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Setting Up Artwork

Setting Up Artwork

by Bhuvinder Flora

Getting artwork and the size right is just the starting point of the end printed product. 

Whether you use Adobe Creative Suite, QuarkXpress or Corel Draw, we can supply guidelines that can help you create the right artwork for your print. We have supplied you sizes for standard A size paper however, if you are looking for bespoke sizes then just contact us and we can discuss various sizes you can design artwork in. Before you start designing any job with folds, creases, cut-outs, scratch panels or perforations, contact Minerva. These items need to be positioned precisely and we don’t want to reject your file if it is incorrect. This includes folding business cards, mini brochures, cut-out cards, greeting cards, showcards with an added crease and many others. For large format posters, simply contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist. 

It is very crucial that you set your page size correctly. If you don’t parts of your design may be cut off, look off-centre, or have areas of undesired white space. Here are some useful tips to set the right artboard size when creating your artwork.

Find your size from the Standard Page Sizes. If you have a bespoke size, contact us. Depending on which software you are using, you may have the ability to add a bleed and we would recommend a minimum bleed of 3mm. A bleed prevents white edges on your artwork, so essentially you are placing background images and colours outside of the actual size. To set the bleed, ensure that you have used the sizes from the Trim measurements. If you are using another design software that doesn’t allow you to add an additional bleed, use the Page measurements, which include the bleed then add guidelines 3mm from each edge of your artboard.

We recommend that you place any other objects logo and text, 4mm from the Trim edge, it’s good practice to leave a ‘quite zone’ and will make your print work look more professional without looking like objects are about to fall off the edge. If applying any folds or perforations, use the 4mm rule so the design follows through the artwork seamlessly. Once you have finalised your artwork, add crop or trim marks so we know where the edge of your print is and exactly where to trim it. 

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