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Print for Exhibitions

Print for Exhibitions

Exhibitions are fantastic marketing opportunities to gain business. It may be a conference or trade show, what ever it is, you need to be prepared to hand over enough information for a potential customer, B2B or B2C. An exhibition is your chance to make an impact on everyone who passes your stand. Although this does ultimately depend on how your stand looks. If it is inviting, the layout and branding are strong, naturally, your stand will attract more visitors. For example, if you have invested in a stand for a healthcare exhibition, is your branding designed to stand out and not blend in. Typically in the healthcare industry blues and greens are popular colours for branding, but how can you stand out? Opting for a stronger colour such as a vibrant orange will definitely stand out against the safe colours. The positioning of your stand will also be important, obviously, the more you pay for your stand the more prominent the location of your stand and also the size, therefore a higher footfall around the area of your stand. You may have a corner stand where visitors can meet you from either direction or you might just have the one side and if you do have a bigger space, you might need to consider more marketing tools such as signage and banners. No matter how big or small the stand is, our advice is to make your business stand out, especially from a distance. 

Why do you need marketing material for exhibitions?
If you have ever attended an exhibition, whether it is to sell a service or product, you will have visitors who will want to take information away with them, which gives them time to think about their investment and talk to the decision maker. It might be a detailed brochure, which is effective for the detailed explanation of services and products. You might not actually know what you need or how much you need but do follow our tips and you will have enough for your exhibition. Just consider the number of days and footfall per day; not everyone will pick up a leaflet, but you may have the opportunity to place them in event promotional bags. 

Business Cards 
Handing over a business card is a useful marketing tool not only for exhibitions but also at social events. It isn't something that would be given out to everyone and anyone but personally handed over to visitors who you have spoken to and had some engagement with will benefit both to send a quick courtesy email or call to discuss services and product range. 

Visitors can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of exhibitors and that is before even meeting any of them. There is a lot to take in and this is where brochures are a useful tool for visitors to take away and digest. The brochure may not be specific to the exhibition but it is an investment worthwhile and this can be mailed out or used at your next event. 

Placing leaflets in event promo bags are perfect to catch visitors before they stumble across your stand. They may not even look at the bag until after they leave, however you have made some sort of communication and brand awareness with your leaflet. These leaflets can be more specific to the event as they are inexpensive to print, so this could be the ideal opportunity to offer event discounts. Leaflets can be easily distributed around the exhibition so it would be wise to invest in a few thousand, again considering the footfall and the number of days the event will be on for.

Pop Up Banners
Roller Banner aka Pop Up Banners is a great marketing tool for exhibitions. Generic banners can be designed and printed to your specifications, however bearing in mind the distance that the banner will be to attract visitors to your stand, vital information will need to be placed towards the top of the banner, especially if you will be having a table or chairs in front of the banner. Better still, banners require little space so you can have more floor space to maximise the area to place products and further information. Banners can be used time and time again and they are stored in handy cases that keep the banner safe and damage free.

How to get people to come to your stand?
If you haven't advertised your brand and stand either through the event material or your own marketing, it might be worth asking some employees to hand out leaflets with your stand number to draw people in. You might want to also offer an incentive to visit the stand, a giveaway or a competition where the prize is something special such as a service or product, which you can always ask for them to review for you. 

Remember to get to the exhibition on time and that you are set up and ready to go before visitors enter the venue the worst thing to do is have a visitor interested in your service or product and your team isn't there to talk to about the services you offer. 

At Minerva Print, we can print your exhibition material with a quick turn around and at competitive rates. Contact us now and let us help you reach your target audience at your next exhibition.

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